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  • Monday, April 14, 2014

    3-Day Effort Recruits 125 in Bronx

    A three-day revitalization effort in March resulted in adding 125 veterans to the American Legion membership rolls in the Bronx.

    Dave Riley

    Dave Riley

    “It turned out to be a very successful revitalization,” said Department Membership Chairman Dave Riley.

    “Even more important is the assistance we were able to provide to a couple of veterans in need of help.”

    A team of national, department and New York City legionnaires made numerous phone calls and even knocked on doors, transferring, reinstating and signing up members. A certified service officer was part of the team, available to answer questions about veterans’ benefits.

    Mike Bowen

    Mike Bowen

    “The Department of New York is one of the most active in revitalizations,” noted Department Membership Team Consultant W. Michael Bowen, himself a former membership chairman as well as a past department commander.

    A highlight, Riley added, was the “camaraderie of people (from different areas) coming together and their seeing the benefit of doing these revitalizations.”

    Riley said the Department Membership Team will return to New York City in mid-May to conduct a revitalization effort for Richmond County (Staten Island).