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  • Tuesday, June 09, 2015

    2 Bowl Perfect 300, One Did It Twice

    Two bowlers spurred some excitement in the recent New York State American Legion Bowling Tournament, bowling 300 perfect games. One did it twice.

    Ray Sears

    Bowler Ray Sears

    Ray Sears of Candor American Legion Post 907 bowled a 300 game at Family Recreation Lanes, Norwich on Sunday, April 19. He achieved this perfect score in the third game of his singles event in the 66th American Legion Bowling Tournament. His scores of 245, 204, and 300 totaled 749.

    Later in the tournament, Tim Thomas of LeRoy Post 576 bowled two perfect 300 games in a series of 300, 222, 300 during the doubles event with his partner Marc Brown.

    The tournament was held over several weekends. See story.