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  • Monday, August 10, 2015

    Yorktown Post Unveils Honor-Flag Program

    YORKTOWN, NY — Yorktown American Legion Post 1009 in Yorktown Heights held an unveiling ceremony Saturday, Aug. 8, at the Gazebo of the Jack Devito Veterans Memorial Field for its new honor-flag program to honor deceased veterans, the Yorktown Daily Voice reported.

    Veterans are entitled to a “burial flag,” issued by the Veterans Administration and generally procured for the family by a funeral home. The intent is to use the flagpole in the Veterans Memorial Park to fly each burial flag received. A glass-enclosed case attached to the flagpole will bear a certificate identifying the name of the deceased Veteran, his /her branch of service as well as the years of service.

    There will also be a brief inscription asking passersby to stop and remember the sacrifices made by this honored veteran. The flags will be flown for a minimum of 2 weeks during the period of April through November.