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  • Sunday, February 14, 2021

    NY’s Jim Troiola Is Leading Candidate for National Commander for 2022-2023

    Vincent James “Jim” Troiola is now the leading candidate for National Commander of The American Legion for 2022-2023.


    Vincent James Troiola, past department commander and past national vice commander

    “In a recent, but very sad turn of events, the gentleman scheduled to become national commander before Jim, Randall Fisher of Kentucky, passed away following a two-week battle with Covid 19, a devastating loss to the American Legion,” Campaign Chair Rene Vanmulem notes. “As a result, Jim now becomes leading candidate and his election as our National Commander is accelerated by an entire year.”

    While this may appear to many as a great advancement for Jim, “we must realize that his preparation to become National Commander and his fundraising efforts to complete the responsibilities associated with his candidacy have been cut short by an entire year.”

     His committee, TEAM NEW YORK, reached out to the entire Legion Family several months ago asking for donations to  support his candidacy. The arrival of the ill-fated pandemic, however, has kept most posts, units and squadrons inactive in an effort to minimize the spread of this virus.

    “At this time we are requesting that the entire Legion Family support Jim’s efforts to become our national commander by submitting your donations to his campaign fund.

    Checks may be made payable to Team New York Campaign Fund and sent to Department of New York Offices at 1304 Park Blvd., Troy, NY 12180.

    “On behalf of candidate Troiola, his committee thanks you in advance for your generosity.”