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  • Saturday, August 29, 2015

    NY American Legion Band Wins Top National Honors

    BALTIMORE — The New York American Legion Band of the Tonawandas from Tonawanda Post 264 is a number one American Legion concert band in the country.

    The band took top honors in a national concert competition Saturday during the National American Legion Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Band President and Clarinetist David Abrahamian said they performed “three concert pieces in a symphonic setting,” including “Ride” by Samuel Hazo, “Purple Pageant” by Karl King, and themes from “Hymn of  Highlands” by Philip Sparke. The band director is Michael Shaw.

    Fresh on the heels of winning the competition, the band performed at a reception for New York American Legion Family members attending the concurrent Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion conventions. Department Commander James Yermas welcomed the band by announcing their victory to the crowd, which broke into applause and cheers.

    See Band Performing at Reception

    See Band Performing in Convention Parade

    American Legiont Band

    American Legion Band of Tonawandas performs at reception Saturday evening after winning the national concert competition at the National American Legion Convention.