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  • Wednesday, March 30, 2016

    Legislative Alert: New Bills on School Tax Relief for Vets

    New bills have been introduced in both the Assembly and Senate to provide school tax relief for veterans. The proposed legislation would reimburse school districts for partial property tax exemptions offered under existing law, the New York American Legion Legislative Committee reports.

    The new legislation is sponsored in the Senate by Senator David Carlucci (S-1699A), while the companion bill in the Assembly is sponsored by Assemblyman Thomas Abinanto (A-966 ).

    While scores of school districts have adopted the partial veterans’ exemption, many other school districts have failed to do so, citing it would shift the tax burden onto non-veterans.

    Veterans and their families wanting this legislation enacted should contact their local representatives to encourage support of the new bills, which will allow school districts to provide the partial tax exemption to their veterans without shifting taxes to the other school district taxpayers by having the state pay the cost through state aid.