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  • Tuesday, October 07, 2014

    Greece Post Commander Saluted for Helping Vets

    ROCHESTER — Ralph Presciutti, commander of Greece American Legion Post 468 near Rochester, has made it his mission to help veterans in need — such as organizing the Wounded Warrior Concert.

    Ralph Presciutti

    Ralph Presciutti

    The third annual July concert, held at his Legion Post, raised over $22,000 for New York Warrior Alliance, an upstate group that directly helps wounded warriors and their family care-givers.

    He also has helped individual veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “Ralph is one of those quiet champions for the veterans community who just does a ton of work,” Warrior Salute’s Tom Targtaglia told WROC TV 8. “Nobody ever sees what he does behind the scenes and he does some incredible things.”

    That’s why Presciutti received the Veterans Serving Veterans Award during the “Serve. Honor. Support. Symposium” held Oct. 1 at Nazareth College. The conference focused on military sexual trauma and was sponsored by Warrior Salute™ (a service of CDS Monarch), the Monroe County Veterans Service Agency, and Nazareth College’s Office of Veterans’ Affairs.

    WROC reported that Presciutti’s sense of honor and service was born in the U.S. Army in the 1980s.

    “It was a brotherhood like none other,” Presciutti said.