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  • Thursday, January 29, 2015

    Bainbridge Post Supports Scout Derbies

    It was a “great day with the Scouts of Cub Scout Pack 52 and their families at the recent annual Pinewood Derby,” which was supported by Slater-Silvernail Post 806 in Bainbridge, reports Post Finance Officer Richard Rusakiewicz.

    The Pinewood Derby was held at the Greenlawn Elementary School, Bainbridge, on Saturday, Jan. 24.

    “Cub Scout Pack 52 holds the event and American Legion Post 806 provides the race track, starters, judges, hot dogs, buns, drinks and condiments,” Rusakiewicz said. “The Post members also set up the track, help with the hall set-up and clean-up. We cook and serve the food when it is ready. This is usually a fun day.”

    He adds: “Our Post will also provide the same services for the Girl Scouts on Saturday, Jan. 31, when the Girl Scouts hold their annual Powderpuff Derby.”

    Pinewood Derby

    Scout Connor Vredenburgh and Post 806 Member Richard Rusakiewicz.