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The American Legion is an organization dedicated to God and country, with a membership of military veterans who take deep pride in the U.S. Flag and all that it means. Since its inception nearly 100 years ago, the Legion has been a stalwart champion of patriotic values, morals, culture and citizenship.The Legion’s pillar of Americanism embodies its devotion to law and order, the raising of wholesome youth, an educated and law-abiding citizenship, and respectful observance of patriotic holidays and remembrances.

The American Legion has the Red, White and Blue Award to honor those outside the Legion who exhibit such values.

Red White & Blue Award Form

Red, White and Blue Award

Red, White and Blue Award

The Americanism umbrella is home to numerous programs that provide and foster healthy, wholesome and educational opportunities for young people, including: American Legion Baseball, Boys Nation and Boys State, High School Oratorical Competition, Junior Law Cadet, ¬†Junior Shooting Sports, Legacy Scholarship Fund (for children of servicemembers who have died on active duty since Sept. 11, 2001), Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship, Samsung American Legion Scholarship, “Need a Lift?” college financial aid guide, Flag education, School Medal Awards.