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2022 Resolutions

2022 Resolutions Presented at Department Convention

2022 Resolution Title Page

2201 Commend Headquarters Staff

2202 Commend Department Adjutant

2203 Commend Department Officers

2204 Commend Convention Chair

2205 Commend City of Binghamton

2206 Commend Broome County

2207 Next Generation Advisory Board

2208 Medal of Honor Paid Up For Life (PUFL) Membership

2209 Legion Riders Resolution

2210 Dept Resolution Committee SOP

2211 Past National Aides Association

2212 Rescind Legislation Renaming Bases

2213 Prohibit The Importation of Petroleum Products From Iran

2214 Oratorical Digital Presentations

2215 24-Hour Child Care at Military Bases

2216 Repeal the VA Asset and Infrastructure Review-1

2217 DeClerck Fund RFP